Thursday, March 09, 2006

It's been over a month

My IT band problem was diagnosed over a month ago. Progress is definitely slow - in fact, it's questionable whether I'm making any progress at all. Here's an overview of what has been going on for the past month:

*The pain in my left leg is such that I have to stop and stretch every .5 - .75 mile during my runs. Not unbearable, but really annoying.
*I've been missing a couple runs a week due to the pain - not cool.
*Reworked the training schedule - added another rest day and a XT/short easy run day in the hopes of alleviating some of this
*Resting HR has dropped a little bit, same for my weight and waist circumference - not much, but enough to tell I'm doing something

The race is just over 10 weeks away...

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