Monday, February 04, 2008

I'll get better about posting.

I know I've been bad - I got out of the habit! However I am happy to report that while I am out of the posting habit, I am not out of the running habit.

Last week:
Monday: planned rest!

Tuesday: 3.6 miles with Kona, 10:00 pace. I'm getting tired of running in the dark and it showed. This was supposed to be 4 miles, but I got sick of the dark and cut off a little loop.

Wednesday: My birthday! 4 miles with Kona again, 39:48 pace. That's more like it! This run was up to Meadowmont, under 54, and back down to the UNC XC course, so about half paved bike path and half trail. I'm trying to get Kona on soft surfaces more and was able to leave work early enough that we could be on trails in the daylight. Then out to dinner for my birthday at The Spotted Dog..mmm, boneless burger :)

Thursday: My interval day. I've been doing a nike + workout (from iTunes) just to mix it up a little. This one is almost 39 minutes long (they call it 40) so my goal is always to finish 4 miles before the workout starts repeating. This time, 4 miles took me 40:14 (10:03 pace). Nice how my interval day was slower than both of my easy days. I went way too fast on the first couple intervals and paid for it later. Also, this was the day I got my new nike + system from Apple (my old one died under warranty). As of 2/4 I still haven't calibrated the new one.

Friday: more scheduled rest!

Saturday: 3 "easy" trail miles with Kona. Ran a known route since my gaget hadn't been calibrated, but took it along anyway. It measured 3.26 miles. Anyway, 28:30 (9:30 pace) for much for an easy run (but it felt easy! - ish)

Sunday: Did another known route: 8 trail miles in 1:19:48. That's a 9:59 pace, ladies and gentlemen :) I'm finally getting faster... The trails were super muddy! It rains here again now, which is great. The creek was actually high, and there were giant puddles on some low-lying parts of the trail. One was covering the entire (wide) trail, no way at all to get around it. I went through at what looked to be the shallowest part and my feet got absolutely soaked. The air might have been warm, but that water was cold! Also did a hour long ashtanga yoga class...ouchie.

Total of 22.6 miles. I made 98% of my planned mileage - that's really great for me. If only I hadn't cut off that 0.4!

This weeks plan is similar:
Monday: rest
Tuesday: 4 easy (I will wear my HRM)
Wednesday: 4 easy
Thursday: 4, intervals
Friday: rest
Saturday: 3 easy
Sunday: 10

Thanks for reading!

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