Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Once again it's been a while since I posted. I don't think I have many readers anyway...

Since my last post I've run 53 miles - more than I ran in the entire month of January. I'm feeling stronger, but last week was mentally tough. Even so, I got out there for every planned run, and actually exceeded my planned mileage total by 3. Those 28 miles also made for a lifetime mileage high. I'm certainly proud of that!

This weekend I'll be running the Coach Bubba 20K in Durham. I decided to do it basically at the last minute, but I'm looking forward to it. If nothing else, it'll be a PR. I've also got tentative or definite races on the schedule for March, April (2), and May. After that I think I'll take a break until after the big move. Not a break from running, though, just from racing.

It still feels very strange to consider what I do "racing" since I am still quite slow.

Thinking about my training for the next few weeks, I think I'll be changing things around some. The inconvenience of the pool schedule means I still haven't made it to the pool to get ready for this tri. We'll also be living within walking/running distance of my office in less than two weeks - which also means walking/running distance from the pool, making that a lot more convenient. I'll probably cut back on the evening runs in the month of March, and replace them with runs to/from the apartment to walk Kona at lunch time. That will clear up time for swimming and biking after work, but still get me time on my feet (even though it isn't the same).

Right this second, at least, that's the plan...

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