Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Yoga and 8 miles

Do not mix! Oh, my hamstrings. I really want to keep going to that yoga class on Sundays, so I guess I'm going to move my long runs to Saturdays. That gives me Friday as a rest day (for a couple more weeks), and then Sunday for a nice easy recovery run.

Fingers crossed...

I've also decided to do a triathlon, so I really need to get in some swimming and biking. Right now, those are also going to be primarily weekend activities. Lord help me.

Today's run: 4 easy miles with Kona at a 9:56 pace. As promised I wore my HRM - kept my average HR at 174bpm, which is 73%. We did half trails and half roads - some softness for the legs, but got off the trails before it got dark. A good run, all things considered.

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