Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Getting back to business

Alright, well. Sunday was the first day I felt well enough to run, post-wisdom-teeth. I was visiting with my grandmother and parents, in a town about 2 hours from here. Somehow I never noticed how hilly it was out there! Four miles, 42ish minutes, and one heck of a head wind on the second half.

On the schedule for today was another 4. I decided I would run after work and take Pupster along. Well...by the time I got home from work it was 6:30, raining, and 36* outside. Normally 36* wouldn't bother me - but in the rain? Ugh. Considering we're moving to Michigan in a matter of months, might as well suck it up now. So, 4 hilly miles in the cold rain, 44 minutes this time. Between the hills, dark, and rain, I took it easy afraid I would slip and break myself. Wet Kona, Wet E, wet wet wet.

I did manage to implement part 2 of my plan today, and stretched well for 10 minutes following my run. That part, at least, felt great!

Remaining plan for this week:
Wednesday: 4 miles easy. HR < 179
Thursday: 40 minute interval workout, should come out to a little over 4 miles
Friday: rest day!
Saturday: 3 miles easy. HR < 179
Sunday: This week's "long" run of 6 miles
Total: 21ish

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Allison said...

Nice job getting out there last night. Good luck on the rest of the week!