Saturday, September 06, 2008

Another Race - 5 Miles

Hey y'all.

Today I traveled to Jackson, MI (woo hoo - new places for me) to run a 5 mile race with Steph. I woke up in a panic at 5:10 this morning - this might be the one time I'll be grateful for the partiers in the parking lot, since they're the ones that woke me up (apparently I had already hit snooze twice). Tooled around the house doing my pre-race stuff and left around 6. Drove through dark and fog for about 45 min, and arrived at the race plenty early - sometimes I hate that I just have to be early for things.

While I was standing in line to pick up my packet, the very aromatic man standing in front of me turned and started talking to me...and continued to talk to me for the next 20 minutes. He was very strange, and I was too polite to walk away! I didn't want to take my stuff to my car because I was afraid he'd follow me...when I finally excused myself, he did! Turns out his car was right by mine. Fantastic...

Steph and I chatted for a few minutes before the race and I met her husband and caught a glimpse of a sleeping Biggie Boy - so. cute. Then since she's faster than me, she went up towards the front at the start and I hung back. It was a pretty small race field and I just didn't want to be last, so I decided that would be my #1 goal. Also, I had decided if I could hang close to 9 min miles I'd be happy with my performance. Somehow, though, I never did the math to figure out that would be a rather significant PR...

Miles 1&2: 17:23 (avg pace 8:41) - missed the first mile marker
Mile 3: 9:14
Mile 4: 9:35 (ugh)
Mile 5: 9:23

Final watch time: 45:36 (9:07 pace)

A PR by 40 seconds, over my 8k trail race in May.

Even though I hadn't done the math, I really hadn't intended to go out there and push it, and really I didn't. I managed to stay relatively comfortable the whole time, so with some actual training and a flat race I think I could do quite well. The past couple weeks allergies have really knocked me on my butt, and while I was definitely wheezy during the race today, my breathing never got out of control. Overall, I'm pleased.

Thanks for reading!


Stephanie said...

Congrats again on the great race! We had a lot of fun and thanks again for the awesome stuff for Grant!

Why do I look TERRIBLE in every single post-race picture? Look at you, you still look cute. I look gross! :p

Emily said...

No way - you look great!

The Chapples said...

I think you ran a great race, Emily. Think of all you've been through in the last couple of months! I see a kick-ass running fall for you!

Emily said...

Thanks, Allie :x Hope your weekend at the beach wasn't too stormy!