Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rain, Rain GO AWAY!!!

Holy rain - for real. It started raining late Friday and hasn't stopped. We have about 4 inches of water standing next to our patio, but fortunately aren't yet in danger of having any inside. The rain is so loud I'm having trouble concentrating on the mountains of work I have to do this weekend, so here I sit blogging instead.

Running has gone a bit better this week, as shown by the last couple entries. My pace has dropped significantly all week and while I think that's probably short-lived, it has been fun. However, it seems that I somehow pulled an abdominal muscle during Thursday's run - all of a sudden, near then end of a perfect, fast run, it felt like someone stabbed me in my right side and I couldn't run anymore. Ever since then my right side is tender right above my iliac crest, and I get sharp pains when I bend over or twist funny. It hasn't bothered me on any subsequent runs, though.

Other things to update y'all on....We went kayaking labor day weekend - something I had never done before! That was great fun, I'm looking forward to more of it! Mediocre pics below, we took my free digital camera and well, you get what you pay for.

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