Saturday, March 13, 2010

February Wrap-up

Howdy, Friends!

I know, I know.  I'm late with the February wrap-up.  I was busy!  And then it was spring break and I was enjoying that, as I should.  So.  Now that break is almost over I have some school work I'd rather not work on, so what better time to update the blog?

February was a decent month, if a busy one.  I was a bit under the weather at the beginning of the month and that slowed me down a bit for a couple weeks but did not stop me from running a good 5k on the 20th.  I also got my long run up to 8 miles, but have since dropped back to 6-7 while I increase my overall weekly mileage.  Skiing was sporadic - sometimes we had snow, sometimes we didn't.

Week 1: (two days out of town at a conference)
Run - 13.6 miles (3 runs)
Ski - 6.5 miles (2 outings)
Yoga - 1 hr

Week 2: the week of the winter crud
Run - 11.0 miles (3 runs)
Ski - 13.2 miles (3 outings)
Shortened my long run to 5 miles and skipped yoga

Week 3: race week
Run - 9.5 miles (3 runs)
Ski - zippo
Raced a 5k that Saturday, watch time was 25:59.  We never got official times due to a timing system malfunction.  Incidentally, in March of 2008 I ran my first sub-30 5k, at 25:53.  It's a nice feeling to be "back there" only 4 months after finishing chemotherapy.  Travel at the end of the week and sickness at the beginning shot my mileage and kept me from skiing.

Week 4:
Run - 15.2 miles (4 runs)
Ski - somewhere between 6-8 miles (1 outing)
Yoga - 1 hr
Felt much better and bumped up the running mileage since I didn't ski as much.

Run - 49.2 miles
Ski - 26ish miles
Yoga - 2 hrs (hmm.  seemed like more than that)

This month my weekly mileage is inching up now that the snow is all gone.  The sun this week has been nice, but I have to admit that I'll be sad if I don't get to ski again this winter.  After all, I just got racing skis!  Stay tuned til next winter for adventures in XC ski racing...

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