Sunday, April 18, 2010

Looking Back and Daydreaming


I promised I would report back with my March summary and an update of how April has been going.  It's nearly time for my April summary, it seems, but we'll go with it.

There's something else I need to do first, though.  Tuesday, April 20th will mark one year since I was diagnosed with cancer.  My surgeon tells me that they count years of survival from the date of diagnosis, so there we go.  I'm two days shy of being one year out, and 5 days shy of being 6 months out from chemo.  The Race for the Cure is one week from today, and I guess I've decided to wear the pink shirt.  I wasn't sure I would want the attention and recognition...I'm still not sure I want to walk in the "survivor parade"and maybe I won't, but I'm going to run in the pink shirt.  Maybe it will have a positive effect on someone.  Heck, maybe it will have a positive effect on me.

I've got a couple goals in mind for the race, but I'm going to keep them to myself for right now.

So, March:
Week 1:
Run - 15.6 miles (4 runs)
Yoga - zippo (I think?)
I ran a new route from the house over to the bike path that includes a couple good hills.  Important training for the races I have planned, but not something my legs were used to.  That left me sore for quite a bit longer than I expected.  If I remember correctly, this was also the week it started warming up a little and I finally got to wear my new capri tights.  They're every bit as wonderful as I thought they would be ;)

Week 2:
Run - 16.2 miles (4 runs)
Yoga - 1 hr
The snow melt and a good bit of rain finally flooded the river and low-lying areas, meaning that the trails along the river were also flooded and we were re-routed for our group long run.  Two hilly loops through the cemetery meant I ran just 6.2 miles but felt good about it with the added intensity.  Also an hour of power yoga at home, after the time change gave me a good excuse to sleep in on Sunday morning.

Week 3:
Run - 18.1 (4 runs)
Yoga - 1 hr
The week of the perfect 10 mile run.  Ahhh, it was heavenly.  See the post about the run if you really wanna know ;)

Week 4:
Run - 22.8 miles (5 runs)
Yoga - 1 hr
What a difference 5 runs makes.  This week I slept through my long run - woke up at 7:58 and knew I wouldn't make it to the shop by 8, so I went back to sleep.  It was a rough week, or a rough month really, at school and I think my body was just wiped out.  Without running with the group I couldn't wrap my head around a 10-12 mile run alone, so I broke it up into 8.3 on Saturday and 6.0 with Mike on Sunday.  Worked out well.

Week 4.5:  (pesky when months don't work out to be just 4 weeks)
Run - 3.2 miles (1 run on the 31st)

Run - 76 miles (18 runs)
Yoga - 3 hours

A good month!

The Daydreaming:

The semester is coming to an end and while there's a ton of work ahead of me between now and then, and while I'll be spending the summer studying for comps, there are several things I'm looking forward to.  In no particular order:

Camping trips
Pete & Carrie's wedding
Seeing some NC friends
Growing my hair
Dying my hair
Dinners outside
Walks with Kona
ACSM in Baltimore

Come on, Summer!

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