Thursday, February 10, 2011

Did I Say I was a Runner?


Lately I haven't been interested in running at all. I thought it was a rut brought on by school stress that would just pass. hasn't. Not that the school stress has passed either, but I thought I just needed to get into a routine or something.

The thing is, even when I have an opportunity to run (now, for instance), I don't really want to. Now I believe the windchill is still well under zero and that's a good part of the reason I'm not interested but....just blah. This is NOT GOOD seeing as how I am actually registered for both a half marathon and a marathon and talking about running at least one additional half.

Good thing I've been skiing...sort of.

I just don't want to push the running now, when I'm not interested, knowing that before long I'm going to HAVE to do it if I want to get through those races. I'm already thinking of blowing off any time goal for the May half and have proclaimed that I'm not even allowed to have a goal time for the marathon in October.

Sigh. If I keep going on like this it's going to be hard to run a 5k, even.

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