Thursday, March 10, 2011


I came across Lisa's blog today, thanks to a new connection on The Daily Mile. Since I just finished grading 70 exams I thought I'd take a little break from work, and what better way to procrastinate than filling out random, useless surveys?

That's what I thought. So:

A) Age: 30 (gah!)

B) Bed Size: Queen, but the dog gets at least 2/3 of it.

C) Chore You Really Dislike: Cleaning the bathroom. There's nothing I hate more..especially such a small bathroom. You'd think it would be nice because there's less to clean but NO! It's harder.

D) Dogs? Kona. She's my best buddy and gets most of the credit for my fitness level - border collies and pointers make for high-energy puppers.

E) Essential Start Your Day Item:
Coffee. Is there anything else?

F) Favorite color: You can't ask me to or purple. I won't choose between them.

G) Gold or silver? Silver

H) Height: 5’10"

I) Instruments you play: Used to play: flute, mallets, oboe, trumpet, alto sax, random percussion, and I fumbled around with guitar and piano. Now I play guitar, or will if I can ever find the time to sit down with it again.

J) Job title: Officially I think it's Graduate Teaching Assistant. There are many other unofficial words for it.

K) Kids: Eventually.

L) Live: In a cute old (built 1920) bungalow that I a neighborhood that's declining fast. We're moving again in August...sigh.

M) Mom’s Name: We'll skip this one...

N) Nicknames: None I'm willing to share...

O) Overnight hospital stays: One. My blood pressure and heart rate were really low and the alarm kept waking me up. The nurse finally turned it off somewhere around 3 in the morning.

P) Pet peeve: Since I'm teaching, people who make lecture slides with improper notation (that "2" on "O2" is supposed to be a subscript!), too many words, or mixed up fonts.

Q) Quote from a movie: Uh....

R) Right or left handed? Left. The cooler one.

S) Siblings? Two younger brothers.

T) Time you wake up? Too effing early.

U) Underwear: How can this be a question? Yes, always...except running in the summer.

V) Vegetable you dislike: Mushrooms. What disgusting texture.

W) What makes you run late? The darn snooze button.

X) X-rays: I'm practically a professional.

Y) Yummy food you make: Black bean and corn enchiladas, lentil tacos, and chocolate chess pie!

Z) Zoo, favorite animal: Oryx. You should hear the sound they make.

And now off to enjoy more spring break!

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