Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Poor Planning..

This morning I didn't manage to get out of bed in time to eat breakfast or pack lunch - I barely had time to shower. That meant I had to rush to the fitness center to supervise AM exercise, and then at 9 was able to go by Brueggers and get my morning coffee and a bagel: rosemary olive oil bagel with plain cream cheese - approximately 480 calories (yikes..) and coffee with half and half, maybe 20 calories. So for breakfast we have 500 calories.

Then my day got busy, and I wound up having to run out of the office to get to my doctor's appointment. No lunch. I inhaled a cliff bar (200 calories) on the way from the doctor to the gym. Now we've got 700 total.

Once at the gym I changed and headed out on a 4 mile run. We'll call that roughly 400 calories. Then, I lifted for 30 minutes (not gonna estimate calories) and did a 60 minute spinning class (we'll say at least 500)

So that's 700 calories in and 900 calories out. Add that to my BMR, which we'll roughly estimate to be about 1500 calories, and I'm STARVING.

I just inhaled some pizza and in a little while I'm gonna go get coffee. Screw fruits and vegetables.

So the workout...

4 miles "running" and 60 minutes spinning
lunges with a medicine ball
leg press
calf raises
leg curl
leg extension (which kinda hurt)

My legs are gonna hurt tomorrow

I felt like such a newbie on my run. I hadn't really planned on running when I left the house today, but didn't want to go back to work after the doctor's appointment, so I ran. In my Montrail Hardrocks. They have stiffer soles than my other shoes and my arches have been hurting in spinning, but I very rarely run in these shoes and they're a little shorter than I would like. Well today, my toes fell asleep, on both feet. Half way through my run I was sitting on a bench with my shoes off, text messaging with Doug. Then, I had my nano armband on my right arm, and they drew blood from my right arm today. I don't know if it was the increase in BP in general, or because of the combo of that and the armband, but the spot where they did the blood draw got all swollen and painful and bruised. It still hurts. I feel like a moron. I switched the band to the other arm and that was a little better but it was still hurting. It should be fun to see what that looks like tomorrow.

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