Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Vegetarian Experimentation - or Amy would be proud

Hi Amy :)

Tonight I made a dish with edamame, garbanzo beans, feta cheese, couscous, and other random things, recipe found here.

It was great! Pictures and captions to follow...

Edamame, garlic, and olive oil in my cast iron pan

Added tomatoes, garbanzo beans, some water, and basil

Added salt and more water - my biggest pan is almost overflowing

Couscous added - time to wait

Feta and green onions added - and it's done!

It was marvelous :-)


Vic said...

I think even this carnivore could get into this dish. I'm gonna try it.

Amy said...

OOOHH!!! YUMMY!!!! That looks fab, Emily! I am proud! You'll have to have me over for the next round of this! And I'm so impressed by your cast iron frying pan! I love mine - but few people understand the superiority of these - that's awesome!

Emily said...

About the iron pan - after I posted this, my friend Chris informed me that I shouldn't use my cast iron pan with acidic foods like tomatoes, because they will leech iron out of the pan. Now, iron content in my food was really the point..but he says it might wind up tasting metallic. It didn't...but I guess it could have.

Amy said...

I've actually had a doctor recommend that I cook with a cast iron pan to help boost my iron levels in my bloodstream... so I had never thought of it as a problem!

Emily said...

I did too, and it was recommended in one of my nutrition classes. But - I think he was saying that the acidic tomatoes would pull out even more than usual, making it taste metallic.