Monday, June 23, 2008

Getting back to it

Last week was my first real week running again, after the 3 (almost 4) week layoff for that hip business. It went pretty well, though the short distances and slower paces are sort of driving me nuts. Anyway, I did 5.8 miles over 3 days of running, and will add a 4th day back this week to get over 10 miles. I figure I'll be back up to my pre-injury volume in another 2 weeks, and then I can start building back up again. I really wanted to be at 40 mpw by fall, but knowing how much I hate the summer, I might be happy to chill around 30 mpw until we get to Michigan.

And now the question is - to run, or not to run, the 4 on the 4th?

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