Monday, June 30, 2008

Not much to say...

Guess I haven't been really motivated to write much of anything lately, which is silly with everything that's going on.

Anyway, here's last week:

Monday: Planned rest. Walked 3 miles

Tuesday: 1.5 miles w/Kona, 9:54 pace, avg HR 179 (77%). Walked 3 miles.

Wednesday: 1.8 miles, 9:25 pace, avg HR 174 (73%) - I ran to the store with an empty backpack and home with a full one. It was weird. Walked 3.

Thursday: Unplanned rest: Drank 2 caffeinated sodas at work after giving up caffeine since December - I felt like my heart would explode if I ran. Walked 1.5 miles.

Friday: 3.5 miles w/Kona, 9:21 pace, avg HR 174 (73%). We got rained on about half the time, which was EXCELLENT.

Saturday: Planned rest, walked 3 miles.

Sunday: 3.5 miles alone, 10:24 pace, avg HR 186 (81%). Exact same route as Friday, but about 10* warmer and oh so sunny. I couldn't keep my HR down for anything.

Total: 10.3 miles run, 13.5 walked.

Stress is wearing me down - I'm exhausted. But, it's that time to just keep going and make it to Michigan, and then I'll have a couple weeks off.

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Jenn said...

I knew you had a blog somewhere, I just couldn't find it!! Can I link yours to mine so I never lose it again? :D