Saturday, August 02, 2008

And so it ends...

Once again, it's been quite a while since my last post. Things have been crazy and running hasn't been going quite as I had hoped - on the bright side, though, it's been more successful than any previous summer.

Thursday was my last day of work. Three years in the working world, done. The other night I had so many thoughts and I couldn't get to sleep - I was sort of half crying, composing this entry in my head, and trying to get my mind to just shut up so I could get some sleep. Of course everything I had thought to write that night is gone now, all those profound thoughts just...poof. Over the past few years I've learned a lot about the world, research, and, most importantly, myself. The person I was three years ago compared to the person I am today - I can't even describe the difference. Fortunately I can say that I feel much more prepared to start a PhD program now than I did back then, and I'm much more confident now that I'll succeed.

As I was notifying people about email address changes, I sent off an email to my new mentor. He wrote back with words of wisdom about listening to other scholars...and always finding time for physical activity. So, that's what I have resolved to do over this next week (and beyond, but lets take it one week at a time here). Things are sure to be insane over the next few days - we have to get the apartment all packed and cleaned, drive approximately 800 miles overnight, and get all moved in to a new apartment. Earlier this week I neglected my exercise and that resulted in a meltdown on Wednesday (the same night as the crying and all that) - a 6 mile evening run, followed by a very long shower, and another 3 mile run in the morning made all the difference. I need to keep that in mind this week, and not let packing and all that get in the way of my sanity.

Tonight we hung out with close friends for possibly the last time. This is definitely an emotional time...

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