Sunday, November 16, 2008

Anything to avoid exams.

Guess I've been a little quiet lately. School has been crazy as usual, and frankly I guess I haven't had much to say. Running is so-so, good weeks and bad weeks. It seems I'm still stuck between 20-25 mpw - it would probably help if I stopped skipping runs. Some days it just isn't in the cards, you know? I keep going back and forth between chastising myself for skipping, and reminding myself that grad school is hard and 20 mpw is really fantastic. It's enough to stay in shape, but I'm afraid not enough to get faster at this point, which is really what I want.

Big plans, though! Winter is fast approaching (it's snowing as I type this, actually). Yesterday at the high school's ski swap I purchased a pair of Dolomite downhill boots and Scott poles, so with those and my nice new skis I'm ready to go! Also went by Doug's shop and put a pair of Rossignol XC skis, Alpina boots, Swix Poles, and insulated pants on hold for him to purchase (with my money) when his manager comes in. He's going to get himself a pair of classic XC skis (already has skate skis), and we're going to start training. The plan is to do the Book across the Bay in WI on Valentine's Day 2009, and the Birkebeiner 50k in February 2010. I'm excited! He also says that to train he's going to start skating with me while I run, and the company would really be fantastic.

That's about all, here. I have a few take-home exams I'm muddling through, and some papers to write (some for publication, one for a class and hopefully publication later on).

Hope everyone is doing well!

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