Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Holy Lazy Blogger!

Hi there. I've been sort of absent lately, eh? It's been busy! A quick update, since I can't seem to focus on work anyway.

Last week was spring break - I got to go down to NC and see all (well, most) of the friends and family I've been missing since we moved. Two thoughts on that:
1) It's really too bad everyone doesn't have spring break!
2) I might need two weeks to really see everyone I want to see!
Never happy, right? Anyway, I got to catch up with everyone on both sides of the family, took a cool trip with my aunt and grandmother out to the coast, and got to see the "babies."

Sarah figured out how to call Andy on my cell phone...
and Paige has gotten big!

All in all, it was a good trip! Unfortunately I had a cold before leaving town which got worse on the plane - nothing like having your ears totally clogged for the better part of two days. They're STILL popping when I swallow, but at least they don't hurt anymore.
I also got to see some friends, but there were a whole bunch I couldn't catch up with. Next time!

Now, I'm back at school and trying to focus, but maybe it's that whole needing-a-vacation-to-recover-from-vacation thing, or maybe it's spring fever. Whatever it is, I can't concentrate!

In other news, Kona might have bladder stones. We noticed she had been peeing more lately - the other night, she went 3 times on a 20 minute walk, and that just isn't normal for her. Doug collected a urine sample, and she has a lot of struvite crystals in there. Apparently that could mean anything from a UTI to bladder stones, and anything from antibiotics to surgery. The vet also said something about "postprandial wave" but neither of us know what that is - guess I should check Google. Anyway - we're hoping for a UTI and antibiotics. Please cross your fingers that it's something simple!

Oh, this is supposed to be a running blog, isn't it? Ha. There hasn't been much of that lately. My cold really knocked me out for two weeks, but I have run 10 miles since Sunday so it's improving. I'm taking today off, and then plan to run Thurs-Sun. We'll see how that goes. I really want to develop a plan and get going on speed work so I can take another attempt at a 5k PR in early summer. I'm going to see if a fast friend will run with me to help me get it down to 23 minutes or so. Not sure if I can do it, but I think maybe with added speedwork I can. Then, I've really got to get my base up if I'm still going to consider a fall marathon.

That's probably enough for today...back to work!

UPDATE: Kona went to the vet this afternoon. He thinks it's just an infection, so she's on antibiotics. Big sigh of relief, over here. However, he also thinks she might have minor hip dysplasia.

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Vic said...

Sorry about Kona and bummer about the cold. Glad to see an update. I've been such a lazy blogger but I'm back, at least for this week (my kids' Spring Break).