Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It is nearly April, yes?

Hello! Posting from the space heater's glow, yet again. That's right, it's March 31st and I'm frozen. I did run this morning, and I seem to have trouble warming up after I run some days, but this is ridiculous. We had snow on Sunday - that's fun, right? Mom and Judy got snow for their birthdays...or they would have, had they been in Michigan.

Things are insanely busy around here - busy enough that I should not be blogging. Really though, I had to tell you about the space heater.

Here's a picture of the snow falling on Sunday. You can see it - look closely. I couldn't bear to take a picture of the accumulation.

A picture of Kona enjoying some sun, just to balance things out:

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Vic said...

I like that dog!!! :)