Sunday, May 16, 2010

A (hopefully) Small Setback

Alright, so my last post was about the Riverbank Run and mentioned this problem I'm having with my left foot. When we walked a mere 6 blocks or so after the race, I was back to being sure it was broken in there somewhere. Sunday was rough as well, and then suddenly Monday my foot felt much better than it had even before the race.

Interesting. But who am I to complain?

Still, I did not run, stepping gingerly and hoping not to anger it again. I attended my normal Monday night exercise class and while I felt a few twinges in the aerobics portion, it wasn't more than a little annoying. Tuesday and Wednesday I decided a few more rest days would be good (and let's face it, data collection wiped me out) and then the weather on Thursday was absolutely horrid. So, I decided Friday would be the day to test it out.

After a week of totally cruddy weather, Friday was gorgeous. I went out with two other runners who are faster than me, so it was a little bit of a challenge. My foot was achey at the start but I wouldn't say it ever actually got just wasn't good. So, I decided I'd go to the group long run Saturday morning.

The alarm went off that morning and I wiggled in bed. That little wiggle told me my foot was not happy with me for running on Friday and was going to insist on another day off. -Sigh-

The thing is, if you take a habitual runner and tell her she can't run (save for two outings) over a two week period, she's going to lose her mind. She'll lose her mind, and she'll feel like a total slug. But, seeing as how my next goal race is in July and I'd like to actually make it to the start, rest is important. Embracing my time off running, I hit the pool yesterday.

Man. Running fitness definitely does not equal swimming fitness! I did a slow and "easy" 700 yards before calling it quits - partly out of fatigue and partly out of boredom. I may go again today and if I do, it will be with a workout written out. At least then I'll have something to follow and a goal to achieve.

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